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Hodu L’Hashem Ki Tov

With gratitude to the Almighty, we are please to announce that our campaign to raise funds to build a new dorm has been a success. 2,410 of our fellow yidden contributed over $900,000, taking us over our target of $810,000. Our team was so inspired with different people contributing to the overall effort in so many different ways. From the Rosh Yeshiva to the bochurim all of who worked the phones for 2 days, to the people who organized the dinners, rallied the bochurim and bogrim, to the people who prepared the informational material, to those who made the calling lists. The friends of the yeshiva were fabulous, the baal habatim who made phone calls, the ladies and girls who made calls. It was an incredible effort and Hashem was there every step of the way. We are so grateful.

The bochurim working the phones
watching the board
We reach our goal. Hashem is so generous
Thanking Hakodesh Baruch Hu
Rejoice, now the yeshiva can expand and learn more Torah

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