Ohr Yehoshua (Nesivos Hatorah) Donation Options

May the birchas haTorah be a source of much brachah and hashpaos tovos, health, prosperity and nachas, upon you and your whole family, as we are promised in the Holy Torah: עץ חיים היא למחזיקים בה


Mailing address Additional Information
USA: American Friends of (AFO) Nesivos Hatorah, P.O. Box 945, Lakewood, NJ 08701 Check payable to “American Friends of Nesivos Hatorah”, Tax deductible according to 501(c)(3) ID # 46-1580901
UK: Friends of Ohr Yehoshua (Nesivos Hatorah), 13 Welbeck Grove, Salford M7 4DF Check payable to “Achisomoch” with a note that the donation is for Ohr Yehoshua (Nesivos Hatorah) – Beit Shemesh

YOYNH account number at Achisomoch is 5920. Achisomoch is registered charity: 278387.

Achisomoch Online
Israel: Ohr Yehoshua (Nesivos Hatorah), 17/6 Nachal Sorek, Beit Shemesh 99091 Check payable to “Nesivos Hatorah – Beit Shemesh”, a Registered Non-Profit Association (עמותה) # 580541738 Tax deductible according to Section 46
Canada: Jewish Heritage Foundation, 32 Brookview Drive, ON M6A 2K2 Check payable to “Jewish Heritage Foundation” with a note that the donation is for Nesivos Hatorah – Beit Shemesh

Wiring Instructions

USA: JP Morgan Chase   Account # 211926239 Routing # 021000021 American Friends of Nesivos Hatorah, 34 Eagle Lane, Lakewood, NJ 08701
Bank Address if required:
JPMorgan Chase Bank
1111 Polaris Pkwy
Columbus, OH 43240
Israel: PAGI Bank # 52, Branch # 179, Account # 569321 Nesivos HatorahBeit Shemesh, 17/6 Nachal Sorek, Beit Shemesh 99091 SWIFT:     FIRBILITXXX IBAN:   IL120521790000000569321


Nedarim Call 8364 (24/6). Enter code 481 or search for Yeshivat Netivot HaTorah.