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How would you like to learn full time in a yeshiva, reaching greater heights in iyun and bekieus, enjoying Tosfos, Rashba, Ritva, Rabbi Akiva Eiger. The Chofetz Chaim, zt”l, says, based on Chazal, that there are two ways one can attain and retain the knowledge and status of a talmid chochom: either by continuously toiling in Torah study for many years, or by providing the needs of a Torah scholar.*

Yeshivas Ohr Yehoshua-Nesivos Hatorah is offering you the opportunity to fulfill this dream and have a full-fledged partner delving into the sugyot of Abayah and Ravah on your behalf year round–Shabbos, weekdays, morning, afternoon and night, coupled with yiras shomyim and developing his middos.  The benefits and return on your investment are immeasurable and eternal. Besides being involved in Torah around the clock, ות”ת כנגד כולם, and achieving the status of a talmid chochom, the Nefesh Hachayim brings from the Zohar that through our limud hatorah, we cause great simcha to Hashem and the whole creation, and are constantly creating new creations all the time.

Our yeshiva is considered one of the premier yeshiva gedolas in Eretz Yisrael and all of our bochurim are hand-picked from top yeshiva ketanas. However, the vast majority of these families don’t have the financial means to pay the full tuition necessary to cover all of the yeshiva’s operating costs. In many schools throughout the world, the administration wouldn’t allow such students to register.  Our yeshiva is a hemshech of Har Sinai where the rule was: כל מי שרוצה יבא ויטול the Torah is open for everyone without discrimination, any Jew that yearns to learn Torah shouldn’t be impeded because of financial incapability.

In response to the families’ inability to pay full tuition and to keep Torah open to all who seek it, the yeshiva has launched its Torah Scholarship Program to give baal batim who’d like to spend more time in the beis midrash but have to be in their office instead, the opportunity and zchus to sponsor one or more of these chashuv yeshiva bochurim.  Through your sponsorship, you’ll be back in the beis midrash by supporting a bochur learning day and night.

This is win-win opportunity for you personally and for the students, everyone gains. And since hachzakas hatorah also brings brachah in this world as well, we all will only gain in all areas: parnassah, shidduchim, shalom. This is in Chazal (See Shmuel B Perek Vov Pasuk Yud Aleph in the Redak: ויברך ה’ עבד אדם ואת כל ביתו), and throughout the years I have seen it many times over in many people’s lives and in my own experience.

Sponsorship Opportunities Cost of Annual Sponsorship (per bochur)
Full Scholarship 12,000 NIS (1,000 NIS per mo.) / $3,000 ($250 per mo.)
Seder (1st or 2nd ) 4,800 NIS (400 NIS per mo.) / $1,200 ($100 per mo.)
Seder (night) 2,400 NIS (200 NIS per mo.) / $600 ($50 per mo.)
One Hour of Learning 1,200 NIS (100 NIS per mo.) / $300 ($25 per mo.)


*Text of the Chofetz Chaim (click to enlarge)