“Essen Teg”

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In Europe, many Yeshivas did not have the money to feed the Bochrim. The community was too poor to offer financial support.  A tradition developed that each evening, each Bochur would join a family in the community for supper. Each family would be able to host one or two students a week. Generations of Jews grew up in a home, where they waited for the big day, their turn to host the Bochrim. The day that they hosted their guest of honor was call the “Essen Teg”, the “Eating Day”.

Today, B”H, we have been blessed with far greater prosperity.  Most Yeshivas today can afford to  have their own Dinning Halls and Industrial Kitchens. But the great merit of feeding the students is still accessible.

As our sponsor, you can choose to sponsor one meal for one student per month, right up to feeding the entire Yeshiva. Please select the sponsorship plan that suits your budget.