Sponsorship & Dedication

As the Yeshiva’s name grows, so does the number of Bochrim (students), Rabbis and staff.  Likewise, its facilities and budget needs to grow.

The Yeshiva’s achievements are not just our own. They are the achievements of the community, our support base and Klal Yisrael (The entire Jewish Nation). This great success would not be possible without the generous support of the people who share our vision, that the Study of Torah is the source of the world’s blessing and peace.

People who make a donation can receive a special mention on this website’s “Thank you” page.  The donor can request for a personal MiSheBerach (prayer requesting health,  children, finding a partner,etc.) and/or have Kadish or a Hazkorah made in the name of a departed, loved-one.  Needless to say, full confidentiality of our supporters is kept unless specifically requested.

We are able to issue Tax deductible receipts in Israel, the USA and England.

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“Essen Teg”

In Europe, many Yeshivas did not have the money to feed the Bochrim. The community was too poor to offer financial support.  A tradition developed that each evening, each Bochur would join a family in the community for supper. Each family would be able to host one or two students a week....
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Torah Scholarship Program

13% Donated/$250,000 To Go
How would you like to learn full time in a yeshiva, reaching greater heights in iyun and bekieus, enjoying Tosfos, Rashba, Ritva, Rabbi Akiva Eiger. The Chofetz Chaim, zt”l, says, based on Chazal, that there are two ways one can attain and retain the knowledge and status of a talmid chochom:...
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